Technical Vendor Management Program

Does your business work with lots of people, technologies, and vendors?

If so, then you know the challenge and the opportunity in establishing and maintaining a vendor management program. Important vendors leave footprints that not only affect internal operations, but the actions of the vendors often touch your clients as well.

Some of the more complex vendor relationships require technical aptitude to communicate effectively with non-technical audiences. Not doing this runs a risk of passive management risk, misunderstandings, poor implementations, and time loss fro all involved.

In addition, these critical vendors often interface with internal teams. Good communication is critical since these vendors may have updated information that is not being communicated effectively, or at all with large numbers of people leading to productivity, time, and money loss.

An effective vendor management program is critical to the success of your business. Leaving these vendors unmanaged leaves your business vulnerable to lost time, money, and liability. Keep your vendors aligned with your business.

At Scoja, we simplify this process by offering a complete vendor management program designed to provide you with the right understanding and control of your vendors so you can rest assured all is exactly where it needs to be.

Our vendor management program includes: