All the Reasons Non-Profits Should Work with An Outsourced CIO

Why non-profit organizations should consider outsourcing a CIO for IT management

Non-profit organizations do incredibly important work every day. Like businesses, non-profit teams rely on technology to get work done, meet organizational goals, communicate with strategic partners, and more. For non-profit professionals, finding the time to strategically manage IT can be challenging – especially for those who aren’t well-versed in technology.

That’s why many non-profit groups are realizing the benefits of hiring an outsourced CIO.

First Things First: What is an Outsourced CIO?

Let’s start by making sure we clearly define what an outsourced CIO is. CIO stands or Chief Information Officer. Countless enterprises have a dedicated specialist on their payroll who hold the title of CIO. CIO’s are responsible for strategically monitoring, managing, and optimizing a company’s entire IT infrastructure.

For some businesses though, hiring a salaried employee to serve as a full-time CIO isn’t a practical or financially feasible option. That’s where an outsourced CIO comes in. Managed IT services firms usually provide a large variety of services and most providers offer a fully-outsourced CIO option. This means, businesses – and non-profit organizations like yours – are connected with a dedicated professional to manage, monitor, and optimize their network for an affordable monthly fee.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Non-Profit Organization Should Hire an Outsourced CIO

You’re probably wondering – what are the benefits of hiring an outsourced CIO? For non-profit organizations, budget constraints are usually tight and the idea of hiring an outsourced professional to manage technology might not seem like a worthwhile expense. But trust us, an outsourced CIO can offer non-profit organizations countless long-term benefits.

While an outsourced CIO does come with a monthly price-tag, the return-on-investment your organization will experience more than makeup for the reasonable cost. When you have an experienced and certified IT expert at your disposal, you’ll notice very quickly how much a streamlined, secured, and optimized network improves the everyday operation of your organization.

Here are the best reasons for hiring an outsourced CIO to manage IT for your non-profit organization:

  • Strategic expertise at your disposal

When a non-profit organization connects with a professional IT expert, the possibilities really are endless. With an IT professional in your corner as an outsourced CIO, you can say goodbye to unanswered questions and tech conundrums.

The right CIO will make sure your organization is always one-step-ahead. This means solving problems before they arise and connecting you with the latest, greatest, and most innovative network technologies.

  • Increased productivity

Another great benefit of partnering with an IT expert as your organization’s CIO is that your team gets to stay focused on the important work that needs to be done. No more fumbling to try and fix network issues. No more extended periods of downtime.

With an outsourced CIO on your team, your network is always being monitored from afar. Your network will be positioned to proactively mitigate threats and problems. Even better? When problems do arise, your team doesn’t have to worry about solving them or getting in touch with a professional. You’ll have an expert waiting in the wings to minimize downtime and get your team back up-and-running in no time.

  • Cost efficiency

This one is huge for budget-conscious non-profits. As we said, the idea of paying for an outsourced IT professional can seem like a waste of funds. You may be tempted to just wing it and hope for the best. But trust us when we say, paying a predictable monthly rate for an outsourced CIO will actually save you money in the long run.

When you have a reliable and strategic professional working as a CIO for your organization, they will constantly be looking for ways to optimize your network in the name of cost-efficiency. CIO’s are trained to develop optimized IT solutions that streamline organizational processes, mitigate downtime, and prevent expensive data breaches. When your organization is running like a well-oiled machine, the monthly rate will seem more than worth it.

  • Flexible scalability

Just like any successful business, non-profit organizations need to be positioned for flux. Over the years, your organization’s membership and mission may change and your network needs to be designed in a way that optimizes growth potential.

Luckily, an experienced CIO will know exactly how to position your organization for optimal scalability. Whether it means deploying Cloud solutions or increasing your on-premise network capabilities, the right CIO will make sure you and your team have all the IT resources you need to grow alongside your organization as it flourishes.

How to Find a Reliable & Strategic CIO for Your Non-Profit Organization

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you of the benefits that outsourcing a CIO can offer for non-profit organizations like yours. If so, you’re probably asking yourself – how can I be sure to hire the right outsourced CIO? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered; read on for some things to remember while you search for a reliable and strategic outsourced CIO.

Tips & Tricks for Outsourcing the Right CIO

  • Be open with different providers about your needs & budget constraints
  • Survey different providers and compare service and pricing
  • Do your research – be sure to learn about the providers you’re considering
  • Ask each provider you consider to explain their CIO services clearly
  • Be sure to ask providers for references – especially if they’ve worked for other non-profits in the past

Of course, if you’re at the starting line of your search for an outsourced CIO, may we recommend reaching out to the team of certified IT experts at Scoja Technology Services? Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to help manage and optimize your organizations network from end-to-end.

Above all, the Scoja Technology Services team guarantees:

  • To provide open, honest, and constructive consultation
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  • To provide prompt, reliable, and tailored IT services
  • To drive scalability, flexibility, and forward-thinking IT planning
  • To develop strategic and innovative solutions to organizational challenges

If you’re ready to optimize your organization’s network once and for all, reach out to the team of professionals at Scoja Technology Services. Our team will work alongside your team to support the incredible work you do. Get in touch with the Scoja team anytime at (415) 373-0550 or [email protected].